The Hug Song (Fred Small) Nick, Derek, Ian line-up


Doctor Dan, was a friendly man, big and round like a bear

He hugged his friends, and they hugged him - any time, anywhere

Patients came for therapy to drive their blues away

And sooner or later they'd feel better when they heard Dan say


I wanna hug, when you say hello, I wanna hug, when it's time to go

I wanna hug, 'cause everyone knows, hugging's good for you

I wanna hug, it's a wonderful feeling, wanna hug, it's part of the healing

Wanna hug, 'cause hugging feels like a natural thing to do


When the boss of the hospital heard of this, he was most annoyed

He said, Hugging is sexual sublimation - according to Doctor Freud

You can lock them up, you can hide them away, you can treat them with your drugs

You can slap them, zap them, with electric shocks, but you can't give them a hug


Well the boss said, "Dan, you'll have to go, this behaviour is no good

Any deviation from medical practice could easily get us sued"

Now Dan didn't feel too bad for himself, in fact he was kind of proud

But he felt sad for the folk inside, where hugging's not allowed

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