John Barleycorn (Traditional) Hamish, Derek, Ian line-up

There were three men cam' frae the west, three men baith great and high

And they beswore a solemn oath John Barleycorn should die


Oh John Barley, Oh John Barleycorn

It would break the heart of a dying man to hear John Barley mourn


Well they took a scythe baith long and sharp and they cut him below the knee

And they tied him fast upon a cart like a rogue for felony

Well they roasted him over a scorchin flame till the marrow ran out of his bones

And the millar he used him worse than that for he crushed him between two stones


Now John Barleycorn he was a hero bold of noble enterprise

And if you do but taste his blood it'll mak' your courage rise

Then here's a health to John Barley raise your glasses in your hand

And may he bring prosperity in England and Scotland

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