Lena (Sara) the Whale (I Blake/M Brooks) This is also titled

"Sara the Whale". Hamish, Derek, Ian line-up

In 'Frisco Bay there lives a whale

And she eats pork chops by the pail,

By the hat-box, by the pill-box,

By the hogshead, by the schooner


Her name is Lena she's a peach

But don't leave food within her reach

Or babies or nurse-maids

Or chocolate ice cream sodas


She loves to laugh and when she smiles

You just teeth for miles and miles,

And tonsils and spare ribs,

And  things too fierce to mention


She knows no games so when she plays

She rolls her eyes for days and days

She vibrates and yoddles

And breaks the ten Commandments


Oh what can you do in a case like that?

So what can you do but stamp on your hat,

Or an eggshell or a toothbrush

Or anything else that's helpless

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