Plooman Laddies (Traditional) Barbara Dickson, Hamish, Derek, Ian line-up.


Doon yonder den there’s a plooboy lad,

And some simmer’s day he’ll be a' my ain


Sing laddie aye, and sing laddie o,

The plooman laddies are a' the go


I love his teeth and I love his skin

I love the very cairt he hurls in


Doon yonder den I micht hae gotten a miller

But the smell o' dust would hae got me ill


Doon yonder den I could hae gotten a merchant

But a' his gear wasnae worth a groat


I see him comin frae yonder toon

Wi a' his ribbons hingin roon' an roon'


And noo she's gotten her plooman lad

As bare as ever he's left the ploo'

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