So The Years Roll On (Ian McCalman) Nick, Stephen, Ian line-up


Three hundred gigs or more each year

The sixties floated by in beer  

No money.......  no fear

The game had just begun   

The seventies stole the innocence

No control , but we had the sense

To know our worth and keep the friends

We met along the way


One drink…… before I go

To walk on stage for the final show

And thinking back,  I just don’t know

Did it change anyone but me?

One drink…… we went along

To the Waverley Bar we sang a song

Three minutes….  it was done

And so the years rolled on


The nineteen -eighties, staggering along

Another face…. a different song

Where had…. the years  gone,

But we had far to go

The nineties next … the singers’ curse

Tunes so fast that we feared the worst

And every kid played better than us

But still we did OK


The Millennium changed, we missed the signs

A good man went before his time

Damn near ….. the end of the line

But we survived again

Round this world in an old grey van

I recall how it all began

For better or worse I’m the man I am

I’d do it all again

6 thousand gigs ….just one more

Then exit left through the old stage door

The voice has gone and the back is sore

I’d do it all again

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