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Kevock Digital Recording Studio is situated in Lasswade, Midlothian, just south of Edinburgh. The studio is probably best described as a large project studio that punches above its weight. Very quiet, very relaxed, always "guarded" by a large friendly golden retriever.

Owned and run by Ian McCalman, the studio takes up two rooms of a stone-built detached cottage with easy parking. Recording is very informal and Ian specialises in acoustic music, much of it, traditional. Main recording is Magix Samplitude via Focusrite. Microtech Gefell/Rode/AKG/etc microphones. Focusrite/TC Electronics/Lexicon/etc processing and effects. Red book/ISRC mastering etc.

Very speedy biog re IAN McCALMAN

Born '46, Edinburgh, in 1964, studied architecture for 10 minutes of a seven year course. Met Hamish Bayne and Derek Moffat the first day of that course (architecture doomed). Arranged a "jam" a week later. First gig Waverley bar two weeks after that. Pubs/clubs. First album 1967 E.M.I. Multiple TV series BBC and ITV. Started writing songs seriously. Concerts. Tours in UK, Denmark, rest of Europe, world. "Best live act" award, "Hall of Fame", 27 albums (E.M.I, CBS, RCA, Transatlantic, Logo, Greentrax etc), recorded 400 songs, no solo albums but an album of other folk friends performing his songs, "McCalman Singular" McCalman Singular . Retired 2010, his singing voice suffering after 46 years "on the road". He still writes songs, produces, records, plays a bit, creates projects and stage productions including "Scottish Diaspora", "Wars of Independence", "No pasarán", "Far, Far From Ypres", "Singing Sixties" etc.. Slow jogging, fast-ish talking. Same old.

McCalman Singular



The engineer (a few years ago)
The hoose
Things to shout into



Smoking area and parking

Link to Ian's article in Living Tradition


Without the aid of  my carer, I'll try to remember who has recorded here. So, alphabetically:

Alison McMorland,

Allan Taylor

Aly Bain

Andy M Stewart

Annika Hoydal

Barbara Dickson

Bob Blair

Brian McNeill

Cauther Fair

Corinne Scott

Davy Steele

Dick Gaughan

Drinkers Drouth

Finbar Furey

Gary West

Geordie McIntyre

Gill Bowman

Graeme Gass

Hamish Bayne

Hamish Imlach

Harvey Andrews

Heather Heywood

Iain MacKintosh

Ian Bruce

Ian Walker

Isla St Clair

Jim Malcolm

Jimmy Hutchison

Karine Polwart

Kate Rusby

Kathy Stewart


The Linties

Maartin Allcock

The McCalmans

Mike Whellans

Paddy Bell

Phil Cunningham

The Poozies

Ragged Glory

Robin Laing

Sally Barker


Sara Grey

Sheena Wellington

Simon Kempston

Siobhan Miller


Stairheid Gossip

Stephen Quigg

Stevie Palmer

Sylvia Barnes

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