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Far, Far From Ypres


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Mainly taken at Celtic Connections and France.

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Last  Long Mile (cop con)

Mademoiselle from Armentiere (H. Carlton & J.A.Tunbridgee)

We're Here Because We're Here (Trad arr Ian McCalman)

King and Country (Paul A. Rubens Pub/Chappell and Co)

Victory Parade (Ian McCalman PRS/MCPS)

Geordie McCrae (G Blaney/Pub Grian Music)

Whizz Bang (cop con)

Bombed last night (Trad arr Ian McCalman)

Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori (Wilfred Owen)

Black is the Sun (Stevie Palmer, Grian Music)

Hallowe’en (words V.Jacob, Music J Reid Springthyme Music)

Keep Your Head Down, Fritzy Boy  (cop con)

Hangin' on the Old Barbed Wire   (cop con)  

Keep the Home Fires Burning (I.Novello &L. Ford/Pub. G. Ford'Ascherberger, Hopewood & Crew)

And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle, Larrikin Music Ltd)

Tha ar n´ainm ard air Menheim (Mairi MacInessPRS/MCPS)

Victory Parade  (Ian McCalman PRS MCPS)

Childhood's End   (Dick Gaughan, PRS MCPS)

Look for the Silver Lining (words Jerome Kern and lyrics by B.G. DeSylva)

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary  (J. Judge and J.a. Tunbridge)

Goodbyee (R.P Weston and B. Lee)

In Flanders Field ( Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae)


Jimmy's Gone Tae Flanders (Jim Malcolm)

Whiter Than the Whitewash on the wall (Trad Arr)

I Want to Go Home (Trad arr.)

I Don't Want to be a Soldier (F Fink and A Wimperis/Pub Frances Day & Hunter Ltd)

The Only Girl in the World (N.Ayer & C. Grey/Pub. B. Feldman & Redwood Music Ltd)

The Bells of Hell (Trad Arr)

Raining (Cop Con)

Roses are Blooming in Picardy (F.  E. Weatherly & H Wood)

The Devonshire Carol

I Wore a Tunic (Wenrich and Mahony/Pub leo Feist Inc/Ascherberger, Hopwood and Crew LT)

Far Far From Wipers (Trad arr)

When this Bloody War is Over (Trad arr)

An Eala Bhan (D. MacDonald/Pub Grian Music)

Victory Parade (Ian McCalman PRS MCPS)

Bells of Hell (Trad arr)

Keep Right On to the End of the Road (Harry Lauder and W. Dillon/Pub Frances Day& Hunter/Redwood Music Ltd)

It's a Long Way to Tipperary (J. Judge and J.a. Tunbridge)

Pack Up Your Troubles in your Old Kitbag (G Asaf and M Powell)

Only Remembered (Trad arr MCPS PRS)