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DVD - Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert

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DVD - Far, Far From Ypres - The Concert

£15.00 (UK)
£17.00 (Rest of World)


First Half

  • Battle of the Somme - Gary West
  • The Last Mile Home/Mademoiselle from Armentiers/ We're Here - Ian Bruce, George Archibald
  • Your King and Country Need You - Siobhan Miller, Fiona Forbes, Anne Murray, May Weatherston and Carole Prior
  • Victory Parade - Stephen Quigg
  • Geordie McCrea - Charlie Milne, George Archibald and Jim Weatherston
  • Hush! Here Comes a Whizz Bang/ Bombed Last Night - George Archibald and Ian Bruce
  • Dulce et Decorum Est - (poem by Wilfred Owen) - Iain Anderson
  • Black is the Sun - Stevie Palmer
  • Hallowe'en - Ann Murray
  • Fritzy Boy/ The Old Battalion - Ian Bruce
  • Keep the Home Fires Burning - Barbara Dickson
  • And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Stephen Quigg
  • Tha Ar 'n Ainm Ard Air Menheim (Our Names Upon the Menin Gate) - Mairi
  • Victory Parade - Stephen Quigg
  • Childhoods End - Dick Gaughan
  • Look for a Silver Lining - Siobhan Miller
  • Its a Long Way to Tipperary - Stephen Quigg

Second Half

  • Farewell to the Creeks - Gary West
  • Goodbyeee - Ian Bruce
  • In Flanders Fields(Poem by John McCrae) - Iain Anderson
  • Jimmys Gone Tae Flanders - Siobhan Miller
  • Proof That We are Winning the War(story) - Iain Anderson
  • Whiter Than The Whitewash/ I Want To Go Home/ I Dont Want To Be A Soldier - Ian Bruce and Charlie Milne
  • The Only Girl In The World - Fiona Forbes and Stephen Quigg
  • The Bells of Hell/ Raining - Charlie Milne
  • Roses of Picardy - Barbara Dickson
  • The Devonshire Carol - Fiona Forbes, Anne Murray, Allan Prior and John Blackwood
  • I Wore A Tunic/ Far, Far From Wipers/ When This Bloody War Is Over - Charlie Milne and Stephen Quigg
  • An Eala Bhan (The White Swan) - Mairi MacInnes
  • Victory Parade - Stephen Quigg
  • The Bells of Hell - Fiona Forbes
  • Keep Right On To The End Of The Road/ Its A Long Way To Tipperary/ Pack Up Your Troubles - Charlie Milne
  • Only Remembered - Stephen Quigg


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