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'You will remember the few emails we wrote a couple a month ago, about no gigs in Northern Germany.It was great fun chatting with you. I hope the McCalmans will make it to Hamburg or Kellinghusen next year. Well, it´s great to visit this fantastic new website!'
Willie Stemwede(Singer/Songwriter)
Hamburg, Germany

'Great new website! Greetings from Rolf, Andreas, Volker, Ingo, Gerd und Thomas
(he had a heart attack, but he's still alive - we need him for some gigs...)'
Quasimodo Knoeterich,
Seesen, Germany

'Hey Guys, Nice new site you have! Went to your concert in Altena (Germany) this year and, as usually, had a great night! I've told you this already but hope to see you in Holland next year! Keep up the good spirits and C U soon!'
Agnes Verschuur, Heerenberg, Netherlands

'Great to see the McCalmans name goes from strength to strength. Last saw you back in 1972 at the Gallows Folk Club in Herford, West Germany. Fabulous night with Hamish and the, very sadly, late Derek Moffat. Still have the recording from my old reel-to-reel. Best gig I've been to and looking forward to another one soon. When are you guys coming down south? Keep entertaining.'
Tony Goullee, Thaxted

'Congratulations! "Scots Abroad" is one of the best folk albums I've heard for the past couple of years. The music's great, and, what's more, you have a splendid sense of humour, which makes listening to your songs such fun.
I'm looking forward to seeing you performing live in Altena, Germany, in May next year.
All the best,
Peter Mussler, Attendorn, Germany

'Dear McCalmans, my father and me visited one of your concerts in Edinburgh 16th of august. It was my fathers birthday and we had such a great time with you! I'll never forget!'

Julie & Wolf d'Alquen, Erlangen, Germany

'Glad to see that you are still going strong !! I last saw you "live" in the early Seventies,at the Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar, Gosport, and I have never forgotten that you played a request for me, "Bonnie Glenshiel "

( Busk Busk). Will try and catch you again sometime !!'

Roger Mills, Henley-on-Thames, England

'Re the McCalmans I 've been an Macs admirer since the early days at the Waverley bar in Edinburgh's High Street seen them through the Changes Hamish leaving.Nick joining.Derek's sad passing.Stephen's joining the Macs they have always delivered as they've always done with passion Fun and thought provoking songs Nicks & Ian's songwriting and the harmonies still remain a regular feature to their performances..sad that they will be no more in 2010 '

Davie Stebbing, Bonnyrigg, Scotland

'I gaar spillede I for et proppet Musikhus i Ronne. Dejlig koncert.I er populae¦re i mange lande, med god grund. Ian McCalman fortalte at han gaar paa pension om 2 aar.En musiker gaar da ikke paa pension vel? Det vil jo ikke vaere det samme uden Ian!
Tak for mange gode oplevelser helt tilbage fra 1975.'

Jette Pedersen, Ronne, Danmark

'Hi guys
Just came home from your gig in Asnæs - understood Stephen is running away with one of our danish girls !!! and you expect us to welcome foreigners ?? :-)You are acting like nordic vikings ..... oh.. just forget i said that.
Ian - now you listen - you are NOT going to retire to your studio cave next year - many danes are dependent on you - please keep on doing your "thing"
Thanks for all the good remembrance you gave me and my wife
Finn Orting, Denmark

'I really enjoy your concerts that I attended and have bought all the CDs or LPs that I can find, including old ones in ebay and Amazon, and also 5 or 6 solo CDs. Nearly everything, as far as I know. Really wonderful music and a good selection of songs on each album very pleased with them.'

James Brice, Germany

'Hi guys,

Really liked your gig in Zevenaar April 4th 2009. It was nice seeing you again and Ian, thanks for the invitation. If you're ever in our area don't hesitate to...
'Till next year.

Silvia van Loon, Netherlands

'We're really looking forward to see you at Tønder Festival again.

Don't forget to buy your drinks and food in Torvehøkeren :o)

Take care'
Signe and Steen, Tønder, Denmark

'Wonderful evening at pottegaarden july 4. 2009 "wedding Gigs". Looking forward to see you again in spring 2010.'
Anette & Sten, DK

'Have just attended your concert at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh.

One of the best concerts I have ever attended. You held the audience in the palm of your hands for 90 minutes.

Every song you sang was fantastic..Loved every minute cannot wait till your back in Edinburgh.'

Glen Sives, Mayfield, Scotland

'No churchman am I! How true. I saw the McCalmans in Leiden, Holland as a student there of Slavic languages somewhere in 198....2, 3? Since then I am a fan and will always be. I live in France now for approx 25 years and just have found back again my old player, and the Smuggler disk.... Great. Thanks McCalmans. A man's a man for a'that! Aye!'

Peter Konincks, France

'I'm so delighted to see that there will be TWO Danish tours in 2010. I can hardly wait' ...! :-)

Marlene Jessen, Denmark

'After many years with concerts in Scotland and Denmark, I don't like that The Macs after next year will be history. Heard them first in Cambridge Folk Festival in 1976. Why they never toured in Norway, I dont know. Do you? But we are some friends who will join gigs in Denmark and Scotland in 2010. Wish you all a happy new year!'
Per Marvin Tennum, Norway

'Just home from a great night at the Glasgow Concert Hall we werer well entertained as usual
will keep going to any gig we can manage and Ian when you retire and have plenty of time on your hands maybe you would like to do a wee bit gardening or painting and decorating for me just to keep your mind active

Willie and Cathie, Sauchie, Scotland

'A grand night last night at the Celtic Connections lads. Ian's patter as good as ever. Best of luck.'

Gordon Kidd, Hamilton, Scotland

'Hey guys! Saw you a few years ago in Scotland, Portsoy. You were great. Great show, great music, sich everything. I will come to your Germany tour, to Altena. So see you soon!'

Michelle Gellrich, Germany

'I'm in love with your penny whistle! Now there's a phrase I never thought I'd say. You played more then once at the folk club at RAF Gutersloh in Germany in the 70s when my (Welsh)husband Gareth, ran it. He also hijacked you back to the 4 Counties gliding club at RAF Syerston another time and you had a "wee session". I'm a Scot and since we married 22 years ago, I too have become a fan. Your "Ae Fond Kiss" is without doubt the most beautiful rendition of Burns' song ever performed. Thanks - we hope to see you live at the Wirral in November. Viv xxx'

Viv Cunningham, England

'Hi guys,
Since I've been to your gig in Moergestel I've been listening to your Greentax-album the whole week. Great album. But the more I listen to it the more sad I become by the knowledge that you won't perform together anymore. Thank you for your great performances over the last 30 (for me) years. I've seen you from the end of the seventies on and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you very much the three of you, Ian I wish you a good not-performing life and I hope to see and hear Nick and Stephen in the Netherlands in another setting. Kind regards,'
Marjolein de Wilde, The Netherlands.

'Hey you!
Yesterday was just soooo amazing! I love you guys! I kind of grew up with your music because my mother used to hear it since ever and now I'm 17years old(I become 18 in June*JEAAAHH*) And I still love your music allot!!
It is just so sad that this was your last gig in "halb neun" because it was my first:( BUT at least I have your CD's and maybe I will visit you someday and we could sing along XD
Best wishes from the girl that wanted a pic with Ian and Nick XD'

Anna Martin, Germany.

'Happy memories of 30+ years ago at the Bell Inn,Banwell, Somerset and other such Folky places. Have always loved your music and still have the original LPs ...remember them. Keep well keep singing'

Joan Price, England

'Hi Ian!
Followed your career from Schooldays so I'm coming to Birnam to hear your last Perthshire concert. Good luck in your "retirement". I'm still dancing for fun so no doubt you'll still entertain for fun - as you have been doing all your career. Thanks for all these great songs. My over 60's keep-fit class love doing routines to Keltie Clippie!!

Jean Swanston, Scotland

'At Birnam last night 17 june, great show,we both enjoyed it, thank you. After a couple of dark years with the Big C it was a great tonic, hope to see you again at Stonehaven as I am up in Kinloch Rannoch enjoying my beautiful second home - Scotland. Happy and enjoyable retirement to you Ian'
Lesley Morris, England

'Formerly a regular at Black Horse Telham, Near Battle East Sussex, just one of the many venues I have enjoyed music by "The Macs". Thoroughly enjoyed the music over the last 40 years. I would like my copy of Singers Three back, you only got it because you claimed you didn't have a copy. lol. Looking forward to tonights performance at The Fringe (Aug 25th 2010)'

Geoff Palmer, Scotland

'Thanks again for a great night at Ullapool - hopefully Nick has recovered by now.
It was tremendous - as usual...

Hoping to see you again soon (maybe a bit closer to home in the Ruhr area?).

All the best, Ian, you be be sorely missed!'

Christiane & Holger, Germany

'A Macs DVD is needed! The old telly stuff, and of course new live stuff would be great, it would give us all something to remember the past 82 years with!'

'I think I first listened to you, Hamish and Derek at "Skråen" in Ålborg, probably around '82, also later on in Skagen, and various gigs in Copenhagen. No matter which line-up it has always been an immense pleasure attending your concerts, especially for the encore down among the audience. Best of luck in your retirement, Ian, and thanks for all the music throughout the years. I agree with mr. Harding that you had me in stitches as well. Slaínte'.

Tom Klitbo, Denmark


Excellent gig at Biggar Little Festival last night. Well worth going to and we all enjoyed our night.

Dougie Stuart, Biggar

'Dear McCalmans.
Thanks for ALL the hours I been in your company to your concerts. It was always a pleasure to hear you.
We'll never forget your music.


All happy times in the future for you.'
Anette & Sten, DK

'Superb final concert last night. Absolutely creased myself at the Midlothian Council recycling bit. All the more coz I am (up until Thursday when redundancy kicks in) the Cooncil's senior Graphic Designer. My young colleague Richie did all the design work on the campaign, the leaflets and calendars and van livery "Let's Recycle" - now much faded and scruffy looking. The money came from Central Government and was the largest sum we ever had to spend on a design job. I'm hoping you retain the 'riff' in the DVD. I know that Richie and David Barnes (Recycling Officer) will love it. For my sins I am mates with Alasdair, Coreen and Bill (Laverock) and Maxine Thomson who was also there last night, missed her afterwards unfortunately. I hope all is good for you hereafter in sunny Lasswade. I'll be watching out for the DVD! aye yours,'

Scott Ballantyne, Scotland

'First saw the Macs in Darlington in 1973 when supporting the Settlers. Didn't much enjoy the Settlers but were knocked out by your music, harmonies and the sheer entertainment which you brought to folk music. We were starting out as a band then and your style strongly influenced us from the start and will continue to do so. 'The Execution of Montrose' is still in our regular repetoire. What a stunning night the Queen's Hall was and, sad though we all are to see the last McCalmans gig, what a night to go out on!! Thank you so much for the years of pleasure your live performances have given; still have the CDs and vinyls to play however. All power to you all for the future. It's not retirement - just moving on to another stage of life. Have fun - and a million thanks!!'

Jim Jack, Richmond, England


'Your music is great, your show is great with a lot of humour, but first of all, I come to your gigs, because you are so good looking.'
Charlotte Berg, Hellerup, Denmark

'I saw you guys at the Glenfarg Festival earlier this year. Great music and
great entertainment.
Your latest CD, Scots Abroad, is superb.
Deirdre Copeland, Aberfeldy

'Hey Macs, You guys are awesome. Yvonne and I always look forward to enjoying your gigs. We are true 'Mac-junkies'.'
Carsten Lund, Brønshøj, Denmark

'Always great music, always funny!
How do you manage not to grow older?
Theis Christiansen, Fredericia, Denmark

'Congratulations on your new website - it's great, I particularly like the music section and will be making use of this shortly. It's good to see all the old albums
available on CD.'

Elinor Smylie, UK

'Hi very dear Macs!

It's great to learn that you will be coming to the Netherlands next year!
You've made my day! (and the following months too!)

Stay healthy and happy!
Tot ziens ( C U ) in Holland!


Agnes Verschuur, Heerenberg, Netherlands

'just been to UIG hall at Dunoon to see ya guys!!! What a night.. Fantastic night have wanted to see ya guys live for years and it took a Dutch couple to invite us to go to our wee local hall... best night out i have been to for years.... are you going to Hamburg to play?????? I will come there tooo....'
Susan Galt, Dunoon, Scotland

'First heard you back in 1969 at the Solsgirth Theatre Club in Kirkintilloch. You were great then and you are great now! When are you going to tour the Costas?'

Mike Geddes, San Miguel de Salinas, Spain

'Hi Macs,

the new year can´t start with a better information!! We are looking forward to a great gig in Bad Honnef again. Great to have and hear you here again !!

Uwe and the rest of music lovers'

Uwe Gernoth, Bad Honnef, Germany

'I just received the CD "Silver Sands" after listening to shorts on Celtic radio via the internet. I am very pleased to say the least with the CD in total. I have always had a love for acoustical music and the musicians that have the wherewithal to get her done.
We have Burns nicht here Sat next with our Scot Texian as entertainment, Mr Ed Miller. Thanx again..'

Ken Klabon, Mission, Texas, U.S.A

'I was speaking to my old friend Craig the other day reminising over 'younger days' in Cyprus, when the beer was cheap and the McCalmans 'did it for peanuts'! Happy days,; we will get to see you some time soon now I've found the website. I still have Nick's written-out copy of 'loves the rising sun', and I still play it - not as well as Nick. Regards.'

Roy & Craig (Cyprus Peanuts)

Roy Underwood,Doncaster, UK

'Hey! I'm listening to your new CD and I absolutely love it. Well done! Why am I not surprised Ian wrote another song about drunken nights in a pub...
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!
Take care,'

Ramona Mathis, Langelsheim, Germany

'Hi Macies,
Great that you could come this year. I will enjoy your gig in Alphen April 3th. I am very much looking forward to it.
I've also recomended you to a colleague who happens to be around on Texel (holidays) when you play a gig there.'

Erwin Hoogkamer, Hillegom, Holland

'Hi everybody ,
On April 5th we were in Sneek on the first? afternoon gig of the Macs, and as usual it was great. We had a good laugh and hope to see them again. But sadly the chances are decreasing since I heard that it will stop in 2010, so every one who hasn't been there, your time is limited. Just GO and have a great afternoon or maybe a evening with the Macs.

Fred de Boer-Brouw, Holland

'I was at your gig in Aberdour last night and had a brilliant time. Love the new cd ,especially "The Moor Rd" and "No more Sailing".The funny numbers had us in stitches.Thanks for a great time!'

Ruth Callender, Inverness, Scotland

'We are once again loking forward to experience You'r
fine Art of Entertainment at Halkaer Kro - the 25 of September 2009.'

Lars Hudecek, Denmark

'Thank you very much for a great evening at Trommen in Hørsholm.
We are always looking forward to your visit here.'

Egon and Nancy Kristiansen, Denmark

'The newest CDs are simply great, you keep getting better all the time. Your own songs are among the best contemporary folksongs, and the songs by others are often better than the original, I think. It would be nice if there were a McCalmans concert DVD to remember the live concerts with, since there won't be anymore in the future. But perhaps you will make more albums without touring? Perhaps you could do a few songs by Huw and Tony Williams?'
James Stuart Brice, USA

'Hi Lads !

Superb new CD! I instantly hope to see you up here in Northern Germany next year. For soo long now soo many of your northern german fans can´t go to your concerts anymore - it´s a crying shame! Please come to Hamburg or Kellinghusen in May 2010, even now, because it´s the last time.

Willie Stemwede, Hamburg, Germany
Hi you guys

'Hope Stephen is taking good care of his danish wife - (and not eating all she is cooking because it will make him same size as me ;-)

Thanks for giving up your early retirement plan - and planning again to come to Denmark - where your true fans and friends lives - in a cold cold winter.

I will again take my daughter - now 16 years young - to one of your gigs.
Best regards',

Finn Orting, Denmark

'just heard about you today in spanish Radio 3.

great work friends!

best regards'

Jorge, Asturies, Spain


'We really hope you are playing in Tønder

this year in August.

We all will enjoy you there, for the last time!

What a Farewell Party it will be!

Your Truely'
Ikast Fans! Denmark

'Hey lads!

The gig in 's Heerenberg was simply amazing! Like all the McCalmans gigs I attended, they were truly magical. Great chat afterwards AND a picture with the Zevenaar posse as well ;-). Although it was a magical evening in the castle, I was a bit wrecked after the gig knowing this is your farewell tour. Well, have a great tour and maybe one day we'll meet again.

Much love and great respect,'

Gregor Dijkman, Holland.

'Hi Lads,

thank you for the wonderful evening in Kellinghusen ! Noone can imagine what it meant to us to see you after all those years. Thanks for the great talk before the concert. We´ll keep the link to your website active until the end of the year.

Maybe we´re coming over to Edinburgh next year. It would be great to see you then, if possible (for a chat and a coffee or something).

We wish you the very best for the future !!

Your friends from TRAVELLING FOLK, Hamburg'

Willie Stemwede, Germany.

'we will miss you on stage guys! the gig in hildesheim on sunday was great! thanks a lot for the years/ evenings in hildesheim with you and your beautiful music! Thanks a lot guys!'

Valentin Lerche, Germany

'What a great concert in the Loni-Uebler-Haus Nuremberg last Saturday! We came all the way from Berlin to Nuremberg to hear and see you and it was really fantastic! What a pity that it will be your last tour together with Ian. You can be sure, that we will leave no stone unturned to see you at another concert this year. Maybe we will come over to Denmark in September!'

Anja & Martin, Germany

'Very dear Macs,
Been to your gig in the Edinburgh Folk Club and I loved it very, very much!!!
For me a dream came true; for years I wanted to hear and see you in your own country, to hear you speak in your own language to your own Scottish folk...
It was really great! And thanks for singing Nanda's song; I did really appreciate that! (with some tears...)
See you later this year!
With love,'

Agnes Verschuur, The Netherlands

'Boy, have I made a trip down Memory Lane tonight!
My daughter went on holiday to England and by chance visited Sidmouth on the first day of the festival. Her story about that started me google-ing, which eventually took me to Dick Gaughan's site. There I found his story on Derek. That again brought back to me the infamous night in "Sus Antigoon" in Leiden with your lot trying to beat "Mr.Niceguy" Iain MacKintosh at consuming beverages. I can still hear the songs on the top of the lungs and the piano. I also still wonder how we got home in a right hand steering Honda which I drove for the very first time then. You might not have beaten Iain that night but he was certainly scarred :-)
Good to see you're still going strong.
I'll try to catch up on one of your concerts when you are anywhere near.
Thanks for the memory!

Klaas van Rijt, Netherlands

'just got back after seeing the mccalmans live in edinburgh. a very good show. and a very good night out. wish they'd stayed on more than 1 hour.
first time that i seen the mccalmans live .
thanks to the mccalmans for a very good show.


Angie Douglas, Scotland

'Thanks for a memoriable "Last Show" At Halkjar Kro" 16 of september 2010.
Pity it's all over. But thanks for all the Music and Fun in the past.
The MACS will be in Our Minds and in Our Music Players for many Years to come.

Lars Hudecek, Aars, Denmark

'I was at your concert here in Viborg yesterday. I simply loved Ian's new song.
It actually brought tears to my eyes.
I have followed you since mid 70's - in Århus and the many times you visited
Tunø - so I had to see you one last time.
Is there any possibility, that song will be recorded?
Maybe you music did change other people's lives as well.
Best wishes'

Flemming Sørensen, Denmark

'I have been going to see The Macs since I was able to venture into a pub at 18( 1983!) and have long held their music in high regard. I was at the last gig in Aberdour on Nov 19th and have to say I will miss the songs & the banter especially Ian's dry deadpan humour.However I have The Greentrax Years cd to help remind me of all the great songs & will endeavour to get along to Nick & Stephen's gigs where possible.Many thanks to all of you for keeping me entertained for so long & good luck to all of you for the future.'

Sheena Bethune, Livingston, Scotland

'Hi there,thanks for an excellent last concert in Queens Hall. We haven't seen you live for about 30 years since the Bell, Banwell. First time in Scotland and Edinburgh for us, well worth the 500+ miles flight, no snow would have stopped us. We've grown older with you. cheers'

Joan Price, Somerset, England

'Fantastic 'final show' at Queen's Hall, Edinburgh last night (Friday 10 December), so sad it was the last show! First time I saw the McCalmans was at Bonar Hall in Dundee in the late 70s and have enjoyed your music ever since. Best of luck for the future, will miss seeing you live!'

Caroline Peters, Dundee, Scotland

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