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Tracks never released on McCalmans' albums

Click on tracks for song texts:

1 Cold Night in this Old Town (Nick Keir)

2 The Diamond (Traditional)

3 The Peat Bog Soldiers (Traditional)

4 Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional)

5 Wheels of Fortune (Traditional)  

6 Lowlands Away (Traditional)

7 Lena the Whale (I.Blake/M. Brooks)

8 Bonnyrigg Banker (Ian McCalman)

9 Come By the Hills (W. Gordon Smith)

10 Working On the New Railroad (Traditional)

11 The Road and the Miles Tae Dundee (Traditional)

12 Willie Brewed a Peck O' Maut (Traditional)

13 The Greenland Whale Fisheries (Traditional)

14 Blow Ye Winds (Traditional)

15 The Hug Song (Fred Small)

16 John Barleycorn (Traditional)

17 Plooman Laddies (Traditional) with Barbara Dickson 18 Caledonia (Dougie Maclean)

19 So the Years Roll On (Ian McCalman)

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£12.00 (UK)
£14.00 (Rest of World)
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